The independent guide to stopover cities and flights between the UK and Australia

This is the definitive guide to stopover cities, flights and connections on the routes between Australia and the UK.

If you are travelling between these two countries then you are going to have to stopover somewhere. So why not give some thought to where that connection might be - and book your flights and stopover city accordingly.

The beauty of a long distance flight between the UK and Australia is that you have to stop somewhere on route! So what about hitting the beaches with a flight connection in Bali, or experience the buzz of an unforgettable stopover in Bangkok. Maybe the you'd like to shop until you drop - think abouut stopping over in Dubai, or sample some seriously good food with a culinary connection in Hong Kong?

One increasingly popular stopover is the city of Johannesburg, while an suprisingly interesting city connection awaits you in Kuala Lumpur. America beckoning? A stopover in the movie capital of the world? Los Angeles. Or hit the streets of the world's most exciting city, stopping over in New York. A more chilled out connection awaits you in San Francisco. The classic stopover destination is Singapore and the sophistication of the city of Tokyo makes for a vibrant alternative connection.

Some of the world's best cities lie in wait, and all you have to do is book the corresponding flight! We've listed the stopover cities, and the airlines that service those connections.

And we have provided you with some information about the city, and a set of links to help you find out more. We hope you find Stopping Over to be a useful resource.

This site features connections from the following airlines: British Airways/Qantas, Emirates, Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Thai and Virgin

We hope you enjoy our site, and thanks for stopping over!

Stopping over in: Bali Bangkok - Dubai - Hong Kong - Johannesburg - Kuala Lumpur -
Los Angeles - New York - San Francisco - Singapore - Tokyo -

Flights and connections: British Airways/Qantas - Emirates - Malaysia Airlines - Singapore Airlines - Thai - Virgin

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