The independent guide to stopover cities and flights between the UK and Australia

About us

The site was set up for people travelling between the UK and Australia.

Too often a flight is hastily booked without consideration for where and how long to stop over. And if you are travelling between Australia and the UK you are going to have to stop somewhere!

This site aims to inform - whether it is through our original editorial, or through our carefully compiled set of links to others.

We encourage feedback - and we'll print the best we get, good or bad.

We hope you enjoy and if you have any feedback, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Stopping over in: Bali - Bangkok - Dubai - Hong Kong - Johannesburg - Kuala Lumpur -
Los Angeles - New York - San Francisco - Singapore - Tokyo

Flights and connections: British Airways/Qantas - Emirates - Malaysia Airlines - Singapore Airlines - Thai - Virgin

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