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This destination is serviced by: British Airways/Qantas

Sights ****
Nightlife **
Food ***
Value for money ***
Overall ***

Bali. To the Brits it is paradise found, a mystical and magical island a long way from their maddening shores.

To the Aussies, it is an Asian Ibiza, maddening by the minute.

In truth it is a strikingly beautiful island made up of six volcanoes, dense jungle and postcard perfect beaches.

Kuta and Legian are the places to go for nightlife and beaches, but away from here life is very different in the ancient villages where the Balinese dancers move to the sound of Gamelan orchestras, and the Hindu Gods stare from their temples deep in the rainforest.

Bali is a good year round destination thanks to its climate, but it would be best appreciated during the Hindu festivals. A fascinating, revealing and rewarding destination for the cultured beach lover.

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